Passionate people driving technology change.

Fluree is a software company built upside-down.

Fluree Background

Instead of starting with a specific app in mind, we started with a technology foundation that would enable us to quickly build and enhance multiple enterprise apps that worked seamlessly together.

We succeeded, and have done so in a way that enables you to build apps too, or even leverage and enhance ours or others'. We are pioneering a new era of enterprise software, where a community can securely share computing capability without sharing code or resources. With this we believe the most advanced software ever developed will be assembled.

Our team has extensive enterprise software experience, having deployed our software into most of the Fortune 500 and many thousands of SMBs, from SaaS products to developer tools. We've founded two NASDAQ traded companies, including the 8th largest software company in the world. Fluree brings together this experience and our passion to usher in a new way.

Fluree is a Public Benefit Corporation (B-Corp), and we dedicate time and effort helping people find careers they can be passionate about. People spend more time at work than they do with their family, and we believe everyone has an opportunity to enjoy what they do. This translates into productivity gains, quality of life improvements and better health - we can have it all. Through our success, we aim to be the worlds largest professional training and assistance organization.

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